L & J’s Weed, Insect, Grub, Tick, Fungus & Disease Control

Weeds, Insects, Grubs, Ticks, Fungus, and Disease, can destroy a lawn within a short amount of time. We won’t let that happen.  Speak today with a L& J Landscaping representative and learn how we can custom tailor a program to fit your property. Our team of experts will keep your yard healthy and green.


 Weeds can quickly take over a lawn or landscape bed. We offer programs that will free your entire landscape of weeds.


Grubs are milky white with a brown head. The grubs feed on the roots of your lawn and can kill large sections in a very short amount of time.


Several kinds of ticks infest lawns. They drop on the grass from dogs, rodents (including squirrels) and even some birds. Most ticks will attach themselves to people and pets if given the opportunity. Even though they don’t affect your lawn, infestations should be controlled.

Fungus & Disease

Lawns with improper levels of nitrogen and potassium are more susceptible to fungal disease.  Fungal disease spreads quickly and needs to be treated immediately.