Lime Applications

Homeowners everywhere desire an attractive lawn because this is the one feature which most enhances the appearance of the home’s grounds.  A proper Lime Application routine is critical to the attractiveness of your lawn.  Don’t attempt to do this yourself, bring in the professionals at L & J Landscaping and your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Your Title Goes HereCorrect Soil Acidity

Turf grasses will not grow well in highly acid soils.  Lime Applications will bring the soil to the correct PH level for a healthy lawn.

Furnishes Nutrients

A proper lime application will deliver the much needed Calcium and Magnesium to your turf.

Reduces Toxicity

When applied, lime helps to reduce the toxicity of certain elements in the soil such as aluminum, magnesium, and iron.

Favorable Soil Structure

Lime increases bacterial activity which in turn creates a more favorable soil structure.