L & J’s Annual Turf Fertilization Program

Let L&J Landscaping’s years of experience turn your lawn into the showpiece of the neighborhood.  Our professional landscape team will come in and evaluate the specific needs that your lawn has and develop an annual fertilization program that is sure to dazzle your guests and neighbors.  Let our experienced team handle all of the complicated steps to insure a beautiful green lawn this year, while you sit back and enjoy the results.  Contact L&J today for a competitive quote that will make your lawn a masterpiece.

Annual Fertilization Program Details:

Application 1 – Pre-emergent crabgrass control with fertilizer
Application 2 – Pre-emergent crabgrass control with fertilizer and broadleaf weed control
Application 3 – Insect control with fertilizer and broadleaf weed control
Application 4 – Fertilizer with broadleaf, crabgrass and nutsedge control
Application 5 – Fertilizer with broadleaf weed control
Application 6 – Winterizer with slow release fertilizer

Greener Grass

Nitrogen helps make turf grow and helps develop a beautiful green color.

Phosphorus Is Key

Phosphorus stimulates root and seeding development as well as helps create an immunity to turf related diseases.

Potassium Protects

Potassium reduces the loss of water through the blades, so grass needs less water. It strengthens leaf blades, enabling grass to recover from heavy foot traffic, and helps grass withstand stress.

Save Money

You’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save by hiring L & J versus fertilizing your yard on your own.